Community Cooking Club

At the farmers’ market, we mostly offer raw foods like vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs and eggs. All of these foods require some amount of work at home to make ready for eating, whether it be just washing and dressing or making a more complex savory soufflé.

Naturally, alongside the quality, fresh ingredients sold at market, we are also implicitly promoting home-cooking. Cooking is fun and creative work that’s good for our well-being and brings people together (in this short video, Michael Pollan extols the health benefits of simply making your own meals).

To encourage cooking and involve our wonderful community, we have the SDFM Community Cooking Club! No professional experience is required, just a desire to share favorite recipes and cook with the seasons. Members conduct cooking demonstrations at market, get together for seasonal potlucks and help support our local farms and food artisans.

Click here to view the Community Cooking Club’s favorite recipes!