Community Board Members

The organizers of the South Durham Farmers’ Market believe that a strong partnership between local farmers and the communities they serve can have a significant and wide-ranging impact on everyone by supporting healthy lifestyles, wellness, economic diversity, and environmental preservation and sustainability.

As such, the market strives to incorporate and welcome community involvement at all levels, including Community Membership and Community Board Member positions.

Community Board Members

The South Durham Farmers’ Market is led by a 11 member, volunteer Board of Directors comprised of both vendors and community members whose responsibility is to oversee market business and administration, as well as develop and carry out market strategy.  Three Community Board Members are elected by the General Membership of the market (including Vendors and Community Members) to a two-year seat at the yearly General Membership meeting that occurs prior to Market Opening.

Board Members must:

  • Be elected by the General Membership.
  • Be willing to support, and participate in, the general governance and daily business operations of the board, including direct responsibility for normal business tasks and heading any subcommittees or other business groups, as necessary.
  • Be willing to fulfill a two year commitment to the Board.

Community Board Members must:

  • Commit to volunteering at least 10 hours at market each season.
  • Not be a market vendor or related to a market vendor through blood, marriage, domestic partnership, or direct business relationship.

Please note that Board members must be selected from the Community Membership pool. If you are interested in running for a seat, be sure to submit your application for Community Membership. Once you’ve been approved for Community Membership, then you may participate in the nomination and voting process during the yearly General Membership meeting.

If you are interested in Board Member please email