Dogs Eat Local

Meats, eggs, fruits, and vegetables are all foods which can safely be given to the family dog — as long as you read up on any potential hazards and are familiar with your dog’s limitations.

As always, please talk with your vet before feeding any fruit, veggie, or meat to your favorite pet. While some foods are ok for some dogs, they may not be right for your dog!

We encourage you to read more from the American Kennel Club about dog-friendly fruits and veggies, and this list from theĀ American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) on human foods to never give your dog.

Check out the below infographic for some common market items that we’d love for you to share with your pet after market* one Saturday!

*Remember, the South Durham Farmers’ Market is open only to service animals! Please leave your four legged family members at home, or to walk on-leash with a friend around the market while you shop.

infographic of dog-friendly f