Meet our Vendors

4M Farm

The Paylor Family has owned and operated their family farm in Hurdle Mills for 80 years – they will be selling a variety of vegetables this year.

Bean Traders

Bean Traders has been roasting and slinging beans since 2000. They are dedicated to crafting the best cup, partnering with our local community, and serving you with a smile. Peace Love Bean!

Brooks’ Farm

Brooks Farm takes pride in the quality of produce that we grow. We grow and learn new ways to do different things each year

Bull City Farm

Bull City Farm is a small, diversified family farm in Northern Durham County. They offer seasonal vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured lamb, honey, hive products, seedlings and crafts. They are committed to the education of children and adults alike and offer adult farming classes (including cheese making, goat and sheep husbandry and backyard chickens), summer camps and tours. BCF also works with local youth through 4H and FFA.

Carolina Farmhouse Dairy

Carolina Farmhouse Dairy is a small, first generation farm just north of Durham, NC. We raise grass fed Jersey cows to produce the Carolinas’ first farmstead yogurt. We also produce bottled milk, kefir and other fine dairy products. Our girls are also fed Certified Organic hay and feed, never given antibiotics or hormones and are Animal Welfare Approved.

Cedar Grove Blueberry Farms

We are a 4 acre USDA certified organic blueberry farm. Our family farms’ purpose is to grow organic blueberries while also being an educational resource for consumers and producers alike, by practicing organic farming, working together and sharing knowledge to strengthen the community, raise food awareness and partner with exceptional food producers.

Botanist and Barrel

A product of the Cedar Grove Blueberry Farm, we craft a variety of barrel aged and stainless steel dry wines, ciders and sours, using only the finest fruits, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches and apples. We believe in light-handed winemaking using centuries old European techniques, allowing the fruits, yeast and barrels we have carefully selected to be vivid and expressive.

Chadwick’s Seafood

“Cut’em loose boys, let’s go to work.” As the boat glides from the dock and the world is waking up with the sunrise, Tyler Chadwick and friends head out to check their crab pots, excited by the unpredictability of the day’s catch and the adventure that awaits. Tyler, the founder of Chadwick’s Seafood, comes from several generations of commercial fishermen. For him, the love of working the water is inborn and a driving force behind the creation of this company. His first intention was to follow in his family’s footsteps and become a commercial fisherman. However, Tyler soon discovered that several factors — including the influx of cheap, imported seafood and the escalating cost of various licenses — were causing fish houses to go out of business, along with local folks who chose to make their living on the water. In response, he started Chadwick’s Seafood to provide North Carolina­ caught seafood, much of it from the waters surrounding Carteret County, to consumers who value the freshest, highest­quality products available, while supporting the local economy and this traditional way of life.

Chappells Peaches

Ken Chappells Peaches and Apples is a family owned farm located in the Sandhills. We have been in constant production since 1940 and sell their peaches through pick-your-own, a roadside stand, and farmers’ markets. *Seasonal vendor, please note that this vendor lies outside of the traditional 50 mile market radius, but will be allowed to sell at market due to high demand for fresh North Carolina peaches.

Dig It Farm

Dig It Farm is so happy to return to the South Durham Farmers’ Market for our second season. We’re a proud member of the growing local food & small farm movement. We strive to responsibly grow a wide range of the freshest seasonal produce for the community. We believe the healthiest food comes from healthy soils, and meeting customers at market and having a real exchange of ideas as well as produce helps build the healthiest communities possible.


Fillaree creates handmade, small batch, liquid soap and cleaners. We use organic ingredients and keep our products simple and free of sulfates, parabens, surfactants, fragrances and dyes. We are very happy to offer our exclusive refill service at the South Durham Farmers Market. Fillaree is unique because it provides the conscious consumer with an opportunity to purchase our products in a glass container, use and refill it with any of our natural, biodegradable and sustainable products. We live for healthy, nontoxic cleaning products that create a cleaner and less wasteful world. We hope to share our vision and demonstrate our passion this Spring and Summer at the South Durham Farmers Market.

Gale’s Gluten Free Treats

Gale’s Gluten Free Treats produces fresh baked gluten free breads, cookies, muffins, mini apple pies, and Christmas Fruitcakes.

Green Button Farm

Located in Bahama, NC, Green Button Farm’s mission is to be a year-round local source for high-quality produce and pasture raised poultry, pork and beef grown using sustainable and responsible principles that result in safe, chemical, and antibiotic free food along with a healthy environment. As sustainable farmers, they never use chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides or genetically modified plants. Instead, they rely on things like compost, crop rotation and covered crops to keep their land and crops healthy and productive.

La Farm

Atrisan Bread Bakery located in the heart of Cary, North Carolina. We have been open for about 11 years and we use old world methods to preparing breads by hand. We also offer French style pastries and baked goods made fresh every day. 2 years ago we opened our French style cafe to showcase our breads. Our hours are 7am-8pm Monday – Saturday and 7am-5pm on Sunday.

Ladybug Farm

Ladybug Farm is a small farm owned and operated by Evelyn and Aaron Ward in Hurdle Mills, NC, a rural community 30 miles north of Durham and 15 miles north of Hillsborough. It’s home to about 150 pasture raised chickens and Evelyn’s pottery studio.


MamaSprings is a family-run urban farm in East Durham specializing in sustainably grown seasonal vegetables, fruit, and cut flowers. We’ve been growing food for our community for roughly a decade while simultaneously raising our family. We are committed to growing vegetables, fruit, and flowers free from chemical inputs for both the health of the soil and the health of the community.

Melina’s Fresh Pasta

Using traditional recipes and methods learned in Italy, we produce fresh pasta, ravioli and sauces using locally sourced, and fresh ingredients as well as some special ingredients imported from Italy.

Ninth Street Bakery

The Ninth St. Bakery opened up in Durham on 9th Street back in 1981. The bakery has always sold organic bread without preservatives. This market will provide additional opportunities to sell their new European-style, artisan breads made their very own sourdough starter as well as kombucha. Continuing in the market mission of sourcing all ingredients as organically and locally as possible, Ninth Street’s flour is certified organic and locally milled at Lindley Mills in Graham, NC.

Nourishing Acres

Nourishing Acres Farm strives to nourish the Orange County community by providing your family with nourishing food from nourishing soils. They are a small, sustainable, family-owned and operated vegetable farm located in rural Orange County and are currently in the process of certifying their farm as Organic through QCS. In the meantime, your family can rest assured that they follow the practices outlined by the National Organic Program. They offer a large seasonal supply of vegetables to the Hillsborough and surrounding communities through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program as well.

Parker Farm and Vineyard

Parker Farm and Vineyard is a family run farm located in Northern Orange County. They are focused on building their farm into a sustainable food source that improves the community through personal relationships, land stewardship and living simply. They grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, cut flowers, herbs, muscadine grapes and raise dairy goats along with a flock of happy hens. Parker Farm and Vineyard are dedicated to being herbicide free and using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Pomegranate Kitchen

Farm to table, that is the concept of Pomegranate Kitchen. We also specialize in Vegan and Gluten Free food.

Prodigal Farm

The folks at Prodigal Farm create artisan goat and cow milk cheeses on their 95-acre farm right here in Durham County. They use only the milk from their all-pastured herd and that of Reverence Farm in Alamance County, both of which bear the Animal Welfare Approved certification, recognized as the most stringent humane certification. Their goats all have names, and are never confined. They are rotationally grazed 9 months out of the year, resulting in exceptional milk for their cheeses, which reflect terroir in a way not found in the vast majority of commercial dairies. They also produce Animal Welfare Approved goat meat, and a small selection of prepared foods. Their farm is protected by a conservation easement, and will be farmland forever.

Regulator Brewing Company

Regulator Brewing Company crafts exceptional, locally­ sourced beer for the enjoyment of our community. Each batch is brewed with at least 75% of ingredients from local farms. Our goal is to build a business that reinvests in the local community, while producing a consistent, quality product in tune with local tastes.

Rocky Run Farm

Rocky Run Farm is a small family farm, owned and operated by husband and wife team from Mebane. They produce sustainably grown fruits, vegetables, flowers and eggs without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. The heritage breed hens from the farm are raised on pasture and fed a locally milled Certified Organic feed. They take pride in giving back to the soil with the use of composting, crop family and animal rotation, and cover crop.

Sassafras Fork Farm

Sassafras Fork Farm is a new, Certified Naturally Grown farm located along the banks of the Tar River in Granville County, NC. They grow fruits and vegetables and rotate their flock of Karakul sheep, herd of Dexter cattle, and chickens to help grow and improve the soil as well as provide eggs, meat and wool for their family and local farmers’ markets.


Founded by Wallace Frix in 2013, Sonnyboy’s Spicy Goodness is a wealth of flavors in an olive oil base that tempts tastebuds without overwhelming your favorite foods. Goes great on fish, shrimp, chicken, tofu, seitan, eggs, in a Bloody Mary and in a variety of other dishes. Locally-Inspired. North Carolina made. No Funky Stuff. No Fillers. All Goodness.

Sweet Arielle

We are a dessert catering company focused on sustainable, zero waste practices, based out of Cary, North Carolina. Our kitchen is inspected and certified by The North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Food and Drug Protection Division. Everything at Sweet Arielle is made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients available. We source as much as we can from our region’s local farms and dairies. Chocolate is the exception , only the best from Belgium and France. We never use sugar as a crutch, focusing instead on the quality and freshness of our ingredients and allowing the true flavors to shine. Whether you are looking for an individual cake or a full­ on dessert bar, we always strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a dessert that both brightens your day and completes your special event.

The Textile Creative

The Textile Creative is a Durham- based small business that seeks to bolster the use of regional and ethical fibers in the production of clothing and goods for the home. We offer hand-made items for infants through adults, hand-dyed fibers, locally grown dyestuffs, patterns and educational opportunities in and around Durham, NC.